I’ve just completed running another one of my “Mind Solutions – Gym and Tonic for the Brain” courses for GP’s and Registrars who are having difficulty with their training. In this case there were over 20 registrars, many of whom had already failed their exams two or three times and had one chance left to qualify. It’s fair to say that before the course started, many were stressed, worried, anxious and suffering from low morale.

The Right Kind of Communication Training For Registrars

Because I’m a GP with over 20 years of experience I can really appreciate that training to be a doctor, consultant or any position within the medical field is a tough journey and hard work at best. As a trainer I can draw on my own experience and really empathise with the delegates. So when the West Midlands Deanery contacted me and asked me to run a training course for registrars to help them to “feel good” I gladly stepped up the challenge.

For me it’s not just about making people “feel good”. It’s also about teaching and coaching them to have real strategies and develop useful work-life skills.

Training Approaches to Boost Confidence and Communication Skills

Throughout the course I incorporated aspects of NLP training along with my unique Mind Solutions approach to focus on:

  • Boosting morale
  • Exam techniques for better performance
  • Rapport building
  • Setting and realising goals
  • Positive state management
  • Communication Skills
  • Building confidence
  • Having fun (this is really important!)

The Benefits of Training for Registrars

The proof is in the pudding and the feedback from one of the delegates really sums it up:

“This is the first time I’ve sat and laughed, and had a chance to talk to colleagues in as long as I can remember”.

Feedback was great and many of the exercises produced a real attitude shift in the delegates at the training course. How people feel will contribute to their success or failure in an exam situation and shifting the attitudes and confidence in a positive way has really helped these registrars to prepare for their exams and ongoing personal development. I’m already looking forward to the next “Gym and Tonic for The Brain” session. Which reminds me about a story to do with 2 glasses of wine!