Making a difference to people’s lives

I am passionate about helping people make the most of their lives, both in looking after their physical and emotional health and in helping them gain a better perspective.

When I first came across NLP in 2004 I was working as a partner in a busy GP practice, juggling 2 young children in an unhappy marriage which undermined the little confidence I had.The techniques I learned to manage my own mind have helped me to create a confident happy person who has taken opportunities I would previously not have thought possible. I am not perfect (no human is) but it is wonderful to be able to say that I am comfortable in my own skin. Knowing the difference it has made to my life I am keen to help others to change.

I treat individual clients predominantly for PTSD, phobias, anxiety and weight loss from rooms in Hampshire and via video call. I run corporate training days in NLP, providing techniques for stress management, confidence building and advanced communication skills.

I am keen to make people aware that there are effective treatments not yet routinely available on the NHS, especially for anxiety and PTSD, and that people no longer need to suffer as a result of past traumas. I use a lot of these techniques within the NHS consultation when appropriate to help patients think differently about their situation and give them simple tools to manage stress and anxiety.

So if you would like to make some positive changes in your life, please get in touch for a no-obligations telephone consultation. Let today be the day you take full control over your life. Imagine the possibilities.

Dr Jo Waddell

I no longer work for NHS Practitioner Health, but if you are an NHS doctor or dentist in need of help,  please contact Practitioner Heath  to arrange an initial assessment. They are also providing a number of helpful resources for all NHS staff at this challenging time.

Trainings & Qualifications


SOCIETY NLP Dr Richard Bandler,
Paul McKenna, John La Valle,
Michael Neill
NLP Practitioner 2006
NLP Master Practitioner 2006
NLP Trainer Training 2007
NLP ACADEMY NLP Modelling 2008
John Grinder Butterflies and metaphors 2009
Fiona Cambell and Vicky Ross Art of Influence 2010
Fiona Campbell Advanced Language Patterns 2010
NLP Life Training Mastering advanced techniques 2010
Fiona Campbell NLP business master practitioner 2011
Fiona Campbell Assistant on Business master practitioner 2012
ANLP Conference 2013
NLP Life Training Get the Life you Want 2010/2014
Richard Bandler Paul McKenna Get the life you want (assistant) 2015
Fiona Campbell NLP business coach 2016


Paul McKenna Training Hypnotherapy practitioner 2006
Vicky Ross Practitioner Hypnotherapist 2010
NLP Academy Generative Trance Steven Gilligan 2013
Generative Trance Steven Gilligan 2017


British Thought Field
Therapy Association Conference 2007

Kevin Laye TFT Practitioner 2007
Kevin Laye Voltmeter and psychological reversal 2007
Kevin Laye Smoking cessation and addictions 2007
Robin Ellis Toxins 2008
Kevin Laye Advanced Meridan Therapy 2010
Janel Thompson Refresh and recharge 2023


Warwickshire School Hypnotherapy EMDR 2013
Accelerated EMDR 2013

Psy – TaP

Practitioner 2015
Assistant on practitioner course 2016/2018

College of Medicine

College of Medicine Integrative Health Conference 2022
College of Medicine The Gut Unravelled 2022
College of Medicine Integrative Health Conference 2023

Media Library

Newspaper clipping 2016


Embarrassing Bodies Live 2012

Article from the Observer

When the opportunity came along to be involved with Channel 4’s television show “Embarrassing Bodies”, I jumped at the chance. I feel the show offers a fantastic public service in a number if ways. It shows people the wide range of “normal”, educates them in how to examine themselves, highlights a number of serious conditions and reassures on other more minor symptoms.

“Jo and I have worked and trained together for 5 years now. We met on an NLP training course, and have since trained in Thought Field Therapy together. Jo is an experienced GP with excellent communication skills. She is quick to grasp the essential elements of a situation, and has equipped herself with many tools to be able to offer her patients an holistic approach to the issues which challenge them, bringing the benefits of a conventional medical and complementary approach to the therapy she delivers. A compassionate individual with the determination and tenacity to help individuals find a way forward, whatever the circumstances. I am very happy to recommend Jo to anyone who is ready to identify what needs to change and take action, now.”
Dr Mark Chambers