Online support, tailored to your needs….

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting us all and social isolation can be very distressing. Anxiety and stress have obviously been heightened for many people at this difficult time. My one to one online support sessions will help you see a way through the darkness to a brighter future.

My fee structure

Free 20 minute video or telephone consultation

90 min session one off £300
90 min plus 2 x 60 min session £600
90 min plus 4 x 60 min session £900

Looking after you…

Most of us are having to adapt to a new normal. Just as on a plane, you are told to put on your own oxygen mask first, it is vital to prioritise self-care at this time.

Do you need to take a mental pitstop from the racetrack of your life?
Or maybe you have been forced to visit the repair shop?  Maybe you just need a jump start?

I can help you to identify the causes of your anxiety and offer quick techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. In some cases, you may also need some ongoing support. I can offer long term coaching approach to problems

 The first step to rebalancing your life is just an email away.

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