Corporate – Improving performance and profitability

Dr Jo Waddell helps organisations to reduce staff absenteeism from stress related disorders.

• How many days are lost through sickness absence per year?

• What percentage of these are due to stress or a stress related illness?

• How much is that costing your business?

• Would like to change that?

• What difference would that make to your profits?

It is not the event or situation that causes stress, it is the individuals response to that situation that is stressful. Effectively managing your stress and that of your employees leads to a happier and more productive workforce.

Business & Corporate Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Hampshire

How can you do that?
I run corporate training days in Psy-TaP Psycho-sensory techniques and NLP, providing techniques for stress management, confidence building and advanced communication skills. I work one to one with clients with specific stress related issues. I run one day workshops on resilience and stress management. Each course is tailor made to my clients’ personal needs.

I’ve come to realise that there isn’t a pill for every ill, that at times I can get the same or better outcomes without. The day gave me more vocabulary to describe what I’ve been doing, and thoughts as to how I might improve. If you want to improve your consultation skills, deal better with stress, your own or others, or see or hear or feel better ways, then there’s something here for you.”
Dr Nichloas Whelan, GP Trainer GP Tutor Health Education England. Senior Clinical Tutor Hull and York Medical School.

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