A 20 year old with anxiety and struggling with becoming an adult due to a very difficult childhood. She has had to grow up very quickly and worry about things a child should never have to worry about. She had trouble sleeping, sometimes got mild panic attacks, felt anxious and not want to socialise. She tended to  overthink things and had low self-esteem. By her own admission she had a pessimistic attitude to life and was very irritable.

3 sessions completely transformed her. In her words…

I was sceptical at first as I have suffered with anxiety my whole life and when I was about to receive treatment from Jo, I was the worst place I had ever been. I didn’t believe that a few sessions would be able to make me feel like a completely different person. But to my pleasant surprise, they did. I feel so much happier now and less anxious. My family and friends have noticed how much more relaxed I seem and how I am much less irritable…..She helped me overcome these traumas and has changed my emotional connection to them, making me feel so much happier and less anxious as a result. I feel like a completely different person!